Have you ever thought to yourself…

"Hey… I know just as much as 'so and so.' I'm just as talented as he or she is. But how come they're more successful? How come they've gone farther with their skills than I have?"

Here's the truth.

The most successful person in life is not always the one who "knows" the most or has the most "talent."

The most successful person is the one who knows how to "get it done."

The coach who knows how to motivate his athletes to perform their very best in the championship game… The teacher who knows how to capture her students attention and bring out their passion for learning… Or the executive who knows how to calm the upset client and close the deal.

In short, these people know how to "coach themselves" to their best performance.

When you think about it, there have been a lot of athletes, entertainers, and business leaders over the ages that became enormously successful, despite their physical shortcomings or difficult environments.

Dennis Rodman was undersized, and not particularly quick or strong. Yet he led the NBA in rebounding for seven straight seasons.

Even though she could barely sing a lick, Madonna took control of her image and her career, and became the most popular female artist of all time, selling more than 250 million albums worldwide.

Chris Gardner overcame poverty, sexual abuse and homelessness to become a top-earning stockbroker, #1 best-selling author, and subject of the movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith.

All three of these success stories have one thing in common.

Because of their desire, their competitiveness, and their dedication, they all achieved far beyond their God-given talent.

Now there's a revolutionary new concept from the world of sports that can teach you how to overcome your talent gaps, take charge of your life, and coach yourself to victory in the many challenges and opportunities that lie before you.

Ultimate Success Formula is a powerful multi-media experience that allows anyone - billionaire or pauper, seasoned veteran or frazzled rookie, college grad or high school drop out - to immediately achieve more success in your sport, your career, and even your personal relationships.

Your instructor is Dr. George A. Selleck, Ph.D., M. Div., MA.

He is a counseling psychologist with more than 40 years of diverse experience as a consultant, educator, motivational speaker, author, coach, referee and athlete.

Dr. Selleck is a former All-American at Stanford University, LA Times High School Coach of the Year, and the author of 5 best-selling coaching books, including Coaching To Make A Difference, How To Play The Game Of Your Life and Raising A Good Sport In An In Your Face World.

Combining his knowledge of human behavior with his accomplishments as an athlete and coach, Selleck has become a national sports seminar and workshop superstar.

He has presented athletic, business, and personal growth seminars to hundreds of organizations, including the NBA Rookie Transition Program, the American Basketball Coach’s Association, Hewlett Packard, Dow Chemical, the American Football Coach’s Association, the U.S. Tennis Association, the National Association of Athletic Directors, the American Youth Soccer Organization, and many more.

Through years of careful research and real-world trials, Dr. Selleck identified the distinct patterns that continually drive people towards success throughout their personal and professional lives.

Ultimate Success Formula is the culmination of that research, the underlying mindset behind the transformational success he has triggered in countless professional athletes, coaches, athletic directors and Fortune 500 executives.

Here's a quick glimpse of what you'll learn…

CD 1

Step 1: Scouting Yourself

  • How to increase your level of self-awareness, and clarify your true goals and motivations

  • Why "celebrating" your weaknesses helps you become a more complete leader

  • How to tune into your gut feelings, and make better choices in tough situations
CD 1

Step 2: Mastering The Fundamentals

  • How to train yourself to delay gratification and approach every task with a "long-term perspective"

  • How to avoid failure by learning from the mistakes of others

  • 6 easy ways to improve your life skills (all for less than a dollar!)
CD 1

Step 3: Developing A Winning Attitude

  • How to overcome anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, so you can confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path

  • How to identify and resolve the inner conflicts holding you back from the results you deserve

  • 8 simple strategies for developing a success mindset for you, your coaching staff and your athletes
CD 1

Step 4: Motivating Yourself

  • The single most effective form of motivation, and how to put it work for you with one simple "mantra"

  • The best way to approach and solve a difficult problem

  • How to avoid the 3 most common obstacles to success
CD 1

Step 5: Building a Strong Team

  • The 3 most important ingredients to creating positive, productive relationships with others

  • Why saying "no" can actually strengthen the bond between you and your peers

  • 7 easy ways to become a better conversationalist

  • The one big secret to making others follow your lead
CD 1

Step 6: Trying New Things

  • How to get out of the "rut" by challenging yourself and stretching your mind

  • How to overcome fear of failure and become an "intelligent risk taker"

  • How to recapture your passion for life through deeper, more fulfilling experiences and relationships
CD 1

Step 7: Staying In Control

  • Why mastering your emotions can immediately and massively enhance the quality of your life

  • A sure way of making enemies, and how to avoid it

  • 4 simple ways to rewire your hot buttons and eliminate impulsive behavior
CD 1

Step 8: Keeping Commitments

  • How to compel yourself to follow through and honor the commitments you make to yourself and others

  • The #1 key to executing your personal growth game plan and achieving your vision

  • How to become more persistent, accelerate your success and maximize your personal, professional, and coaching victories
CD 1

Step 9: Monitoring Your Performance

  • 7 easy strategies for avoiding tunnel vision and staying mentally
    and emotionally balanced

  • How to harness the power of your own personal "compass" to create emotional fitness and lasting psychological strength

  • A common "curse" high achievers suffer from… and exactly how to avoid it


You can apply these tools and strategies to any important area of your life.

Achieve more success in your coaching job. Advance in your career. Strengthen your relationships with your spouse, family, and friends. And become more financially and emotionally secure.

The program is available in two easy to use formats.


Streaming Video Tutorials

If you are more of a visual learner, you can get instant access to the entire 9-step system right over your computer screen using web-based video tutorials. No special software or equipment is necessary, and you can watch the videos from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

MP3 Audio Downloads

If you prefer to listen to the coaching program, you can download all the material in MP3 audio format. You can play the recordings from your computer, or transfer them to a CD or MP3 player so you can listen in the car or at the gym.

As a special bonus for enrolling today, you will also receive the Ultimate Success Formula Quick Action Guide in PDF format, to help you set goals, perform course exercises, and achieve the fastest results with the most enjoyable experience possible.

No matter how you access the program, we guarantee these proven strategies will help you achieve your desires, and finally unlock the obstacles that held you back in the past!

This is your chance to experience the Ultimate Success Formula risk free for 60 days. We are so certain you will enjoy this program and start to make real changes in your life, that we are including a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you start the program and don't feel like it's working for you, just let us know and we will refund your entire tuition with no questions asked.

Get started today, so you can confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path. There is absolutely nothing to risk and everything to gain.

Your investment is just $47!

This is an online program. As soon as your secure order is complete, we'll direct you to our members area where you will get instant access to all the training material, right over your computer screen.

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