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Here at the American Coaching Academy, we are strong believers that exceptional coaches and teams don't develop in a vacuum.

We believe in the power of learning from others. And every year, there are conferences held throughout the world, where experienced, dynamic coaching professionals eagerly share the knowledge and skills with youth, high school, and college coaches alike.

Unfortunately, these conferences usually require coaches to travel away from their families, and dig deep into their bank accounts in order to attend.



We wanted to bring the tremendous benefits of attending a large "star studded" coaching conference directly to your home computer.

After nearly a year of planning, we are pleased to invite you to our first ever "Champions Summit," a VIRTUAL coaching conference covering Sports Psychology Essentials For Coaches.

Our Champions Summit includes nine fabulous speakers revealing all their most effective techniques for inspiring and motivating your athletes to perform at the highest possible level.

The conference sessions are available right over your computer screen, at any time of day or night.

Because the conference is pre-recorded and available online, you can listen and learn from the speakers whenever it's convenient for you!

Instead of trying to furiously take down notes at a live conference, you can sit back and enjoy the material, knowing you can revisit any session you like, again and again!

It's simple, easy and fun to participate. And you'll come away from the Champions Summit with a variety of proven ideas to implement with your team.



Registration is $49 per person.

This small investment gets you access to all nine sessions described above (over eight hours of tips, tricks, and strategies to "jump start" any youth, high school, or college team's performance.) You can revisit the sessions as many times as you like. They never "expire."

No travel expenses, no time away from your family, no meals out. You get all the benefits of a big conference, without the strain on your pocket book!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Our aim at the American Coaching Academy is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on your athletes and help achieve the goals you set out for your team

We strongly believe that the ideas and inspiration you will take away from our Champions Summit are well worth the small investment. But don't take our word for it, we want you to see for yourself!

We are offering you a "100% Money Back Promise" with your registration. You have 60 days to decide if the information provided by our Speakers has been helpful to you and your team. If you don't feel like you received tremendous value from the material presented, just let us know and we will promptly refund your entire registration cost.


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Jack N. SingerJack N. Singer, Ph.D.

Certified Sports and Clinical Psychologist

"Stop Handing Victories To Your Opponents!"

Dr. Jack Singer is a dynamic motivational speaker and world-renowned sports psychologist. He's worked with world champion boxers, Division 1 baseball players, ATP tennis pros, world class dancers, and Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Microsoft, and American Express. In his groundbreaking session, you'll discover simple techniques to enhance your athletes' concentration, build confidence and optimism, replace doubt with positive self-talk, and remain poised in any competitive situation.


Amy McCreadyAmy McCready
Founder, Positive Parenting Solutions


As Seen on:

"The Do's and Don’t's of Disciplining
Youth Athletes"

Have you ever struggled to handle disruptive or disrespectful athletes on your team? Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time, is here to help! Amy leads a fascinating discussion of how to work with athletes and parents to get more positive, productive behavior from your team, including how to communicate and enforce team rules… which consequences work best for rule-breakers (and which ones will always fail miserably)… what to consider when disciplining athletes of the opposite sex, and much more!


Gloria Balague, Ph.D.Gloria Balague, Ph.D.

President, APA - Exercise and Sport Psychology Division

As Seen On:

"Mind Over Matter - Overcoming Psychological Barriers For Peak Performance"

An internationally acclaimed sport psychology consultant and speaker, Dr. Balague has worked with USA Track and Field, USA Gymnastics, and USA Field Hockey since 1989, and accompanied the team to the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. Inside this presentation, you'll learn how to use "mantras" to avoid anxiety and stay focused, a simple "writing log" technique that helps athletes reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement, exactly what to say to an athlete when they perform poorly, and a lot more.


Brad JuricaBrad Jurica

Masters, Sport and Exercise Psychology (San Diego State)
Certified Mental Trainer

"Optimal Thinking For Championship Results"

Brad Jurica is the Vice President of Mental Training Inc, a sports psychology consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. A former Division 1 soccer player, marathoner, and Certified Mixed Martial Arts coach, Brad specializes in mental strength training: helping professional and amateur athletes control their thoughts and emotions, eliminate anxiety, do away with mistakes, and become more calm and confident in their approach to competition.


Jason GaleaJason Galea, Ph.D.

Doctorate, Sport & Performance Psychology (San Diego State)

"Good Athletes Play Safe;
Great Athletes GO For It!"

Dr. Galea is a Sports Performance Psychology Counselor who works with athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic directors to help them achieve and maintain elite levels of performance. Inside this online seminar, Galea introduces a number of unique concepts designed to help youth and high school coaches gain a competitive edge, and get more fun and enjoyment out of their coaching roles… including "Positive Coaching," "Positive Parenting," "Reverse Mapping," and "Mind Yoga."


Lisa BrownLisa Brown
Author, Speaker, Executive Coach. Advisor to Olympic Athletes

As Seen On:

"The Courage To Win - A Revolutionary Mental Toughness Formula"

Lisa Brown is a renowned motivator and personal coach to executives, professional musicians, and Olympic athletes. Her online seminar reveals an amazing formula to help your team become more mentally tough, eliminate choking, and perform flawlessly under pressure. You'll learn how to identify and banish "demon stressors" that sabotage your team's performance, the best way to motivate kids under 14 (without yelling), how to remain calm and relaxed in high-pressure situations, and a lot more.


Dr. Stephanie MihalasDr. Stephanie Mihalas

Doctorate, School Psychology

As Seen On:

"How To Coach Your Own Child"

Coaching your own son or daughter is one of the most challenging roles a parent has to play. Dr. Mihalas draws on extensive experience as a pediatric psychologist, family therapist, and parent trainer to help you learn the most productive, loving way to coach your own kid. Stephanie explains how to avoid the most common mistakes and traps many coaches fall into, plus, simple proven ways to get better athletic performance out of your child, without stressing your relationship.


Dr. Jeff BaumanDr. Jeff Bauman

Licensed Child Psychologist, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

"How To Motivate The Youth Athlete"

Dr. Bauman brings over 31 years of experience with children and adolescents. His specialty is working with kids to overcome learning challenges, attention difficulties and behavior issues. Dr. Bauman brings his expertise to the Champion's Summit with a fascinating discussion of the youth athlete's mind. You'll learn how to help your players build optimism and cope with stress, how to work with parents to ensure their child has a positive experience with your team, the right way to correct physical and mental mistakes… and much more!


Dr. Stephanie MihalasKay Porter, Ph.D.

Doctorate, Human Developmental Psychology (University of Oregon)

"5 Keys For Unleashing The Power Of The Mind"

Kay Porter is the owner of Porter Performance Systems, and the bestselling author of "The Mental Athlete." A highly sought after sports psychology consultant and executive coach, Dr. Porter has worked with athletes and coaches at the University of Oregon, USA Track and Field, and the U.S. Tennis Association. Inside, this amazing online seminar, you'll discover the 5 BIG psychological triggers to help your athletes develop rock-solid emotional toughness and superior mental focus… for better, more consistent results in every practice and game.