Discover the non-sugarcoated truth about why some Basketball coaches are admired and respected… while others are laughed at and ignored!

"Do You Make These
Basketball Coaching Mistakes?"

From: Dr. Ben Baker
President, American Coaching Academy
Downtown Carson City, NV
(2 blocks from the Wells Fargo Bank)
Tuesday, 10:21 AM

"The ACA programs gave me the confidence to take on the head coaching position of my community center's travel team.  My colleagues are impressed with the credential and it gives me an added level of credibility I never had before."

Dick Dale

"As a teacher, I know how to spot quality education programs.  The ACA courses are superb.  They are simple, easy to understand and full of information that can actually be used and applied in an actual coaching role.

Sandra Memkins
Teacher & Junior High Coach, Arizona

"Love the format.  I completed the entire course and had my certificate the same day (it's now framed in my office).  My Athletic Director was impressed with my commitment, and I gained useful skills that will help my team be more successful this season!"

Early Pudgray

"The scenarios brought to life real-life situations that we can encounter as coaches.  It was fun and educational to navigate through them and choose the right course of action"

Marcel Estes
San Diego, CA

"Very convenient to do over my computer screen. It was challenging, but fair, and I learned several techniques that I'm already using with my girls."

Mimi Carday
Volleyball Coach
Winnipeg, Canada

"For years, I struggled with the "little things" like dealing with parents and managing the egos and emotions of the kids on my team.  Taking this course gave me the real-world skills and knowledge I can use to make tough decisions when it matters most.  Parents, athletes, fans, and teachers have commented that I seem "more sure of myself" and an showing "good leadership".

R. Holbray
High School Coach

Dear Basketball Coach,

Do you know what to do when a parent challenges your coaching decisions in front of the team?

Are you aware of the REAL REASON athletes show up late, slack off, or give you attitude?

Did you know that running a basketball practice that’s too long is actually worse than a practice that’s too short?

These are just a few examples of innocent but costly mistakes almost every basketball coach makes at the youth and high school levels. Mistakes that reduce your credibility... hurt your reputation... and can make your coaching dreams a nightmare.

Here's the truth.

If your basketball coaching job isn't as fun and rewarding as you hoped it would be...

It's Not Your Fault!

It's not a lack of intelligence... or talent... or even dedication that causes coaches to make these crippling mistakes.

It's simply a lack of training.

Experts say that 91% of the country's 2.5 million coaches have little to no training at all. Most of us are thrown into this incredibly important role without EVER being shown the true secrets to coaching success.

Sure - some of us might be masters of basketball skills and tactics. But how many of us know how to mentor a group of young people... kids that have little or no patience to let you "learn on the job"?

How many of us know the secrets to effective player-coach communication? ... how to identify kids that are predisposed to common basketball injuries and prevent them from getting hurt?

... how to motivate your athletes to practice hard and deliver their best performance? ... how to develop leadership qualities in your players? ... how to organize a complete season and off-season training plan?

Think about it.

If you were building a house, would you start out with a hammer, a screwdriver, and a pile of rotting 2x4's?

Or would you want a complete blueprint designed by the country's top homebuilder... a step by step manual describing every stage of the building process... a crew of experienced carpenters, handymen, plumbers, and electricians... and a truck full of the latest high-end equipment and materials from Home Depot?

It's the same thing with coaching basketball. More knowledge + more tools = better results.

And so, I figure it’s time to reveal the honest, no B.S., bottom-line scoop on

How To Become A
Great Basketball Coach

The kind of coach who gets maximum effort out of his team at every single practice.

The kind of coach who motivates his players to thrive under pressure and win big games… even if they lack talent.

The kind of coach who automatically commands the respect of team parents, so they don’t butt in and meddlewith every decision.

In elite athletic circles, they call this person an "Alpha Coach" — the big enchilada, the guy (or gal) who other coaches come to for tips and advice… who can quiet a room just by entering.

How do you become an “Alpha Coach”?

Well, it has nothing to do with “natural intelligence”… or talent… or even dedication. You don’t need to read a mountain of boring textbooks, or drive halfway across the state to attend a mind-numbing symposium. You don’t have to be tall, good-looking, or even good at basketball yourself.

No… the truth is, it’s EASY to become an “Alpha”

Once You Discover The Secrets

And that’s where the American Coaching Academy comes in.

Since 2003, the ACA has provided top-quality basketball coaching education to youth and high school basketball coaches in all 50 states (and 18 different countries).

With our certification programs, you can quickly and easily "install" the knowledge and skills to create a positive impact on your athletes, achieve your teams goals, and have more FUN coaching than you ever thought possible.

We’re a chartered member of the National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), and all of our course material conforms to the 2008 National Standards For Sports Coaches, supported by over 113 national governing bodies, colleges, universities and sport organizations.

You might have seen us featured in USA Today, Coach and Athletic Director magazine, or countless other publications.

And coaching education experts from across the US are singing our praises for the incredible impact we're having on American sport.

Our curriculum is the real deal – backed up by decades of research and over 5,347 hours of real-world coaching experience

Guaranteed To Boost
Your Coaching Credibility!

And today, you can discover these secrets to coaching success – risk free – by enrolling in our Level 1 Basketball Certification Program.

This incredible program includes three expert-designed courses: Basketball Coaching Philosophy and Ethics, Basketball Teaching and Communication, and Basketball Safety and Injury Prevention.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

Basketball Coaching Philosophy and Ethics

bullet How to develop an “athlete centered” coaching philosophy that balances fun, player development and winning
bullet The #1 secret for teaching your basketball team to respect officials, spectators, opponents and (most importantly) themselves!
bullet How to use basketball to create a positive impact on your athletes and teach them valuable life lessons
bullet 6 little known (yet hugely effective) strategies for creating a culture of sportsmanship... even if your players have attitudes worse than Dennis the Menace
bullet How to reinforce positive character traits using team policies and procedures (HINT: stick to your guns!)
bullet The 4 major roles of the coach…. and how to create a relationship with your players that allows you to “wear each hat” at the appropriate time
bullet And much more.

This first course is simple, fast, and fun to complete... and it's jam-packed with loads of proven tips and strategies to develop a dominant basketball program. Once you're done, you'll move onto the next course:

Basketball Teaching and Communication

bullet How to create a positive learning environment that encourages EVERY player to work hard and improve (whether he’s a college-bound superstar or a complete beginner)
bullet 10 simple ways to foster teamwork and cohesion.  Using just a few of these strategies will make your job 100 times more fun… and way, way easier!
bullet How to teach basketball skills using verbal, visual, and tactical cues (athletes learn up to 45% faster when you combine these 3 simple techniques)
bullet The A-Z formula for planning your basketball season, practices, and individual activities.  You’ll discover a step by step plan that maintains motivation, manages fatigue and allows for peak performance when you need it most.
bullet The 9 motivational techniques basketball players respond to most (discovered in 2005 by researchers at a major American university). 
bullet How to use “mental skills training” to enhance performance and reduce competitive anxiety.  This little-known strategy will instantly boost your players’ self confidence and dramatically improve their play.
bullet The 7 secrets to coach-player communication.  Master these simple tips and your athletes will eagerly hang on every word you say… even if you’re correcting a mistake!
bullet And much more.

And finally, you'll move onto the third (and most important) course:

Basketball Safety and Injury Prevention

bullet The three most common hazards found in basketball facilities… how many of these are endangering your players right now?
bullet A simple method to ensure that ALL your athletes know how to select, use and care for their basketball gear. (Faulty equipment is the leading cause of injury in youth sports)
bullet How to identify “injury-prone” basketball players, and structure your activities to minimize risk
bullet An easy way to modify your basketball practice if weather, dangerous facilities or other unsafe conditions force a change in plans
bullet How to develop an emergency action plan to handle serious basketball injuries (this simple preparation tip takes all of 3 minutes, but could save one of your athletes from grievous, permanent damage)
bullet The 11 crucial items you MUST have in your team’s first aid kit.  (Item #6 may surprise you!)
bullet And much more.

You can earn your entire Level 1 Basketball Certification in one afternoon, from the comfort of your own home or office. 

And you’ll walk away with a world-class coaching education that will instantly boost your credibility and bolster your reputation.

Here’s How It Works

First, simply enroll online through our secure server.  You’ll receive a unique login so you can access the course from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

step 1

Second, complete the online material at your convenience.  Everything is easy to access… and no special computer skills are required.  And we’ve made sure that this is not just another useless academic exercise.

All courses are designed as interactive learning modules – you’ll work through real-life scenarios and situations to increase your basketball coaching knowledge.   At the end of each course, you’ll complete a short exam.

step 2

, after you’ve completed the requirements of your program, you’ll receive a digital certificate featuring your name and program details.  Just print the certificate out as proof of your program completion.

step 3

Your ACA Certification will identify you as a respected basketball authority… and parents, athletes, and administrators will be impressed by your commitment and blown away by your coaching knowledge.

"Parents are impressed with my commitment to the job.  Even though I'm 'just a volunteer coach', they appreciate the fact that I'm increasing my knowledge so I can be more effective in my role."

Rick Bulowitz
Head Coach
Miami, Florida

"I've always wanted to get my certification, but never had the time to travel to seminars or take night classes. The ACA's online format had me certified in one afternoon.  I feel more confident and credible now that I have this valuable credential"

Maxwell Gates

"The course is straightforward, convenient, and packed with tidbits and tactics I can take directly to the court. 

Thanks for putting this together."

S. Mizell

"I made this certification a required credential for my coaching staff this year.  It will help my assistants to handle player emotions more effectively, motivate the kids, and handle the pressures that come from the Athletic Directors, parents, and fans."

Walter J. Bosh

And when you apply for your next coaching role, you can even use your American Coaching Academy certificate and transcript with your Resume!

Ready to enroll now?  Just click on the button below to go to our Secure Priority Enrollment Form. It takes only 90 seconds and is safer than ordering a pie from your local pizza joint.

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If you're still not sure, then keep listening… because there’s more.  Lots more.

As a very special bonus for enrolling today, you'll get instant access to the ACA's Continuing Education Program, including

Over $310 Worth Of
FREE Basketball Coaching Tools

To start, you'll receive TWO full length audio interviews with renowned American coaching experts:

bullet Bonus Audio Interview #1: Secrets To Managing Team Parents ($79.00 value)

Inside this exclusive "tell-all" interview you'll learn insider secrets on managing your athlete's parents, including how to keep them from interfering with your coaching decisions... a simple trick to instantly earn their respect... the 2 crucial items you MUST cover in your first parent-coach meeting, and much more.

bullet Bonus Audio Interview #2: Team Leadership and Motivation ($79.00 value)

This revealing audio resource provides a step by step plan for establishing yourself as a leader and creating a positive learning environment for your athletes. You'll discover the single most powerful sports psychology technique... a little-known secret to handling playing time complaints... how to make athletes accountable for their own performance... the secret to managing a star athlete without compromising your team, and much more.

And... as an additional bonus for ordering today, you'll also receive 8 pre-designed coaching templates designed and tested by ACA researchers. Just print out these valuable worksheets and “steal” them for your own team!

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #3: Athlete Assessment Form ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #4: Coach Assessment Form ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #5: Pre-Season Athlete Contract ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #6: Sample Team Rules ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #7: Parent-Coach Orientation Meeting Agenda ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #8: Athlete’s Code of Conduct ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #9: Coach’s Code of Conduct ($19.00 value)

bullet Bonus Coaching Tool #10: Post-Season Athlete Evaluation Form ($19.00 value)

You'll even earn valuable ACA credits that demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement -- and identify you as

A Respected Basketball
Coaching Authority

Just enroll today and you'll get all 10 bonuses ($310 value) for FREE!

If the material is as good as I say (which it is), simply do nothing and your enrollment will continue.  Every month, we’ll send you another set of coaching tools and the opportunity to earn 3 more ACA credits, and you’ll be automatically charged a monthly tuition of only $19.95. 

There's no obligation, and you can withdraw your enrollment at any time (even if you just want to review all the material for free, then withdraw before receiving anything else).

If you’d prefer not to join our Continuing Education Program and receive these amazing free bonuses, you can opt out with one click on our secure enrollment page.  But don’t hesitate – this free bonus opportunity is only available when you enroll today.

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Getting a four year coaching degree at a college or university can cost up to $26,997.00  a year... and course material is usually heavy on theory and light on practical application.

Even a basic coaching certificate at those same institutions typically runs in the $4000.00 range... and takes up to 12 months to complete.

And weekend conferences for certification will set you back up to $399.00.  Add in your transportation expenses, hotel, and food, and you're easily talking $600.00 or more.

(not to mention the time away from your family)

But the ACA certification program is different.  You complete the material entirely online, right over your computer.  You don't need to travel anywhere... or order any extra books or videos.

That's we decided to set tuition at only $199. 

But it keeps getting better. 

If you enroll today, you'll also be awarded

A $50 Scholarship

… bringing your tuition down to just $149.

enroll now

And to make it even more of a no-brainer, you don't even have to say "Yes" today. Just say "Maybe" because you're covered by my personal, iron-clad...


Why would I make such a lopsided guarantee in your favor?

Well, the truth is, I'm not really worried about students dropping out. Because the ACA system works for teams of all shapes and sizes... male teams... female teams... rec leagues and competitive leagues... it doesn't matter. Basketball coaches from every background are raving about this amazing "learn-it-fast" system for success!

And whether you're brand new to basketball coaching... or a 40 year veteran, I'm 100% sure that this certification program will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

enroll now

Listen, there's something else I need to mention... please don't take it the wrong way.

To the ACA - financially - it doesn't matter if you invest in this course or not.  We didn't start this organization to make money.  We're in this to improve the quality of coaching education across the US and around the world... and thousands of coaches are already lining up to get certified.

Your decision to get certified won't affect my life one way or another... I'll still be doing research in my coaching "lab"... and driving a '03 Civic to work every day. 

But I guarantee it will affect yours.

With the secrets you'll discover inside this program, you'll be

A Thousand Times
More Confident

And you'll be shocked and delighted at the newfound RESPECT you'll get from players, parents, and administrators.

Think of how good it’ll feel to have a recognized American Coaching Academy credential in your back pocket.

And how confident you'll be when making tough decisions about player personnel, team strategy, handling parents and managing your team… KNOWING that you’re backed up by decades of proven research and real world application.

enroll now

But don’t wait.  This $50 scholarship offer is only for the next 81 32 students, and the free Continuing Education material is only guaranteed if you enroll today.

The next move is up to you.  Your American Coaching Academy Basketball Certification is as risk free as an offer can come. If you’re committed to coaching, and want to be taken seriously by your players and peers, then you’ll kick yourself forever if you miss this incredible opportunity.

And you and I both know - if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in getting this valuable credential now.

All that’s left to do now is take action.  Get started now!



Dr. Ben Baker
American Coaching Academy

PS – Remember, by registering today, you've got nothing to lose.

You owe it to yourself (and your team) to take advantage of this generous "better-than-risk-free" opportunity.

Complete the full Level 1 Basketball Coaching Certification Program, learn all of these simple secrets to successful coaching without risking a single penny.

If you don't see the results I've talked about in the first 60 days, we'll instantly refund your tuition with no questions asked.

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PPS - Comments from America's top coaching educators continue to pour in... here's more of what they had to say:

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