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"The Autistic Athlete"



Dr. Veronica Smith and Stephanie Patterson are both former athletes who have worked closely with autistic children. They bring years of coaching experience to their book Getting Into the Game: Sports Programs for Kids with Autism. Together they studied numerous successful community sports programs, and have put together great information for both parents and coaches.

Coaching autistic children comes with its own unique set of challenges. Would you know how to handle these challenges? Do you know the “triggers” that are often associated with autism?

If you're a coach, you know how to teach a child the basic foundational skills of a sport. Dr. Smith and Stephanie will teach you specific techniques used to introduce an autistic child to a new sport, and what difficulties an autistic child may face during that process.

Click on the play button below to learn:

• At what age an autistic child should begin participating in a sports program.

• Social benefits arise from sports participation.

• How to develop a sense of community by partaking in a sport.